Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Welcome to Connecticut Mushrooms!

Welcome to Connecticut Mushrooms.

This is a little project I've started to keep track of all the mushrooms I've found and either identified myself, or through help on Reddit.
If you need help identifying your Connecticut-found mushrooms, this blog may help you!

Please note that many mushrooms look awfully similar. While taking a spore print will help narrow your identification down, never eat a mushroom unless you are as close to a 100% identification as possible. An incorrect ID can mean harm, illness, or even death!

Get an ID double-checked easily at one of these sites:
/r/mycology - General mushroom identification and a great source of knowledge
/r/shroomid - A more recent subreddit solely for the identification of mushrooms, though strong leanings toward psychoactive IDs - A forum dedicated towards psychoactive mushrooms, but has many experienced mycologists

(Do not contact me about psychoactive mushrooms. I am not a member of Shroomery, nor have I ever found/used psychoactive mushrooms. They are illegal in Connecticut, use at your own risk/discretion.)

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